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Danica and Dylan

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Danica Mazique and Dylan Flowers started dating the modern way---With a right swipe on Hinge! Before that moment, they had crossed paths before. Both studied and graduated from Old Dominion University and had encountered each other briefly on campus, at the local bar, and even on the soccer field! It would not be until 2021, until their paths truly intersected.

A few days after that “swipe”, in January 2021, Dylan asked Danica on a date to an Arlington Sushi Bar. In his usual fashion, Dylan arrived in a 3-piece suit and wowed Danica with his intellect, humor, and values. She impressed him with her wit, morals, and smile. Their date extended for hours. According to legend, Dylan knew Danica was the one on that first date. Their second date was equally memorable as Dylan continued to impress her with his awesome culinary skills. He made grilled salmon, potatoes, steamed broccoli and a salad with homemade salad dressing and homemade croutons! Their relationship grew quickly as they continued to get to know one another.

On November 5, 2022, Dylan proposed to Danica on a yacht overlooking the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in DC. Danica had no idea. Dylan told her that they were part of a photo shoot for his friend who was starting a DJ business. That moment was wonderful as she was surrounded by close friends.

We're so excited for you to join us as we say "I do" on April 28th, 2024. See you soon!



Engagement Video

On November 5, 2022, Dylan surprised Danica on a yacht where he proposed overlooking the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in D.C.


Tidal Basin Engagement Shoot

Library of Congress Photoshoot

Wedding Party

Carla Mazique

Mother of the Bride

Arman Mazique

Father of the Bride

Mary Flowers

Mother of the Groom

Danny Flowers

Father of the Groom

Nicole Wescoat

Matron of Honor

Nicole and I were roommates in graduate school. We bonded over late night studying and lots of stressing! Nicole is the reason you have paper save the date cards instead of electronic. SHE wanted to put it on her fridge! I'm so glad to she'll be next to me on our special day!

Jordyn Moore Barnard


Jordyn is my one and only first cousin! We grew up like sisters. She played video games and I watched her. She told me that it was more fun that way and I believed her! I couldn't imagine this life without her!

Arianna Wakefield


Ariana and I go back to early elementary school! Though we didn't go to school together, our brothers (Theo & RJ) were best friends since preschool. Fast forward 10 years and we end up at ODU together! It has been a journey! I'm thankful for our friendship.

Schuyler Strawbridge


Schuyler was my ride or die at Old Dominion! We did everything together from nights at "Club Perry" aka ODU Library to Whole Foods. Thank you for all the hours long phone calls and endless laughter.

Aliyah Mahmud


Aliyah! We met in high school and sustained our friendship throughout the years. Hers was the hang out house - friends, games, and laughs til all hours. I appreciate her and her family.

Anshita Jain


Anshita and I also go back to high school. Who new that Fairfax High School would spawn such loving friendships. Our friendship has withstood time and distance, as she's now living in Canada. We've been through a lot but we've never let go of our friendship. Thanks for being part of our special day!

Yelsy Torres


Yelsy has been a treasured friend since he met Dylan in 2009. They went through the ringer during their time at Unity Reed High School, formally Stonewall Jackson High School. From all the soccer training and running endless miles during cross country practice, to helping move enormous furniture for his parents, Yelsy has always answered the call whenever needed.

Juan Guerra


Juan, in the best way possible, became Dylan's “partner in crime” during their time at Old Dominion University. They cultivated a strong friendship during those college years. At times, it seemed like they were connected at the hip. Between their shared passions for soccer, anime, and video games, they’ve continued to grow from friends to now family!

Widmarc Dubuisson


Wid has been like a big brother since Dylan’s first semester at ODU. The time they spent together on ODU’s club soccer team and other groups left an immensely positive impression on Dylan. He has always been the mature man in the room and continually advised Dylan on how to best approach various situations. When Dylan & Danica first started dating, he reached out to say “Happy for you bro. If she is worth it, don't **** it up LOL.” He’s a great example of maintaining a happy and successful relationship and marriage.

Brandon Burke


Brandon first met Dylan at Unity Reed High School, but they truly cultivated their friendship at ODU. Brandon has always exhibited the most important traits that one needs in a friend. He’s trustworthy, generous, and he also keeps it real. He’ll tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear. Brandon is always there when you need him.

Jose Alvarez


Jose and Dylan met randomly while playing soccer just before Dylan’s first semester at ODU. Little did they know that moment would be the starting point of an enduring friendship. Jose is very a caring individual and brought an essential dynamic to the "ODU roommates plus 1" (Juan, Nii, Jose & Dylan) a true brotherhood.

Nii Abbey


Nii has also become a cherished friend from ODU. He has always tried to motivate Dylan to either hit the gym or spend time in the library, regardless of how they felt from the night before. Nii can regularly elicit a laugh from anyone and is continually improving the mood of any room he enters.

Anita Nance

Flower Grandma

Danica calls her Grandma! Of course, she's been there since day one. At a very young age, she started sleepover Wednesdays. She would pick me up from daycare. We would go to Mc Donalds and then to her house. Once we moved to Virginia, she came over every week and took me, Theo and Jordyn to Mc Donalds, Toys R Us and home. My Grandma is always there for me and I am honored and blessed to have her serve as Flower Grandma.

Phyllis Savage

Flower Grandma

Danica calls her Gamma! She too has been there from the very beginning. Though she lived in St. Louis, weekly calls, holidays and extended summer stays were our thing. Gamma is my "personal shopper" too. I tell her, "if you would wear it, so will I!" I trust her taste like that! I feel honored and blessed to have her with us on our day.


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Things to Do!

Support and experience Old Town Warrenton where there are one of a kind shops, diners, farmer's market, and events!

Grab lunch at one of these hots spots!

  • Denim & Pearls
  • Black Bear Bistro
  • Bubble N. N Bubble
  • Cast Iron Craft House
  • Claire's At The Depot
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Gift Registry

Monetary Donation

Your presence at our wedding is enough of a gift, but should you wish to buy us something, we'd greatly appreciate a contribution towards our honeymoon fund via money sharing apps.

Cash app $DanicaMaz

Venmo @Danicalanica


Is there a dress code?

Yes! We can't wait to see our guests dress in their Sunday best aka Daytime Attire! Go with an outfit that's more dressy than what you would usually wear in an everyday setting (that means no jeans and athleisure) Need some inspiration? Visit our pinterest board!

What time should I arrive to the ceremony?

The ceremony will promptly begin at 1pm. Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before ceremony. Guests arriving once processional has begun will not be admitted into the ceremony space until our wedding planners grant access.

How do I get to the wedding venue? Will transportation be provided?

Guests are responsible for their own transportation. No shuttles will be provided. Ride sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft do not exist at our wedding venue! Please plan accordingly.

There is ample parking at our venue. Please be sure to follow the proper signage to the parking lot.

What if I have a dietary restriction or food allergy?

Please communicate all dietary restrictions and/or food allergies when you RSVP.

What type of food and drink will be served during the cocktail hour and reception?

You can look forward to Chicken and Waffles, Cheesy Shrimp & Grits, Crab Dip Martinis, Cheese & Fruit, and assorted Mini Quiche during the cocktail hour.

The reception will offer a buffet of Cranberry House Salad, Brocolli Florets, Pesto Pasta with Diced Tomatoes, Baked Bourbon Chicken Breast, Cajun Creole Pasta with Shrimp & Scallops.

The open bar will offer signature drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Can I bring my kids? A plus one?

Respectfully, those listed on your invitation have been extended an invitation and will only be allowed to RSVP.

When will the reception end?

We will close out the evening at 7:30pm

What's the best way to contact you if I have additional questions?

Please contact our wedding planner Katie Baynard at

About the Venue

Morais Vineyards & Winery

11409 Marsh Rd, Bealeton, VA 22712